Azul Colonial Inn  (from here named as the “Hotel”) is a property operated by Azul Colonial Inn E.I.R.L

The general terms and conditions herein together with the privacy policy, bookings & cancellations policy, fee schedule & hotel schedule and add-ons available on the hotel website and the booking confirmation issued by the hotel confirming your booking (“booking confirmation”) shall constitute a legally binding contract between you and the hotel and shall be further supplemented by the internal rules and regulations that apply specifically to the hotel where you have booked your stay.

In these terms and conditions, the words “we” or “us” means hotel and its employees, officers, agents, suppliers and vendors, and use of the words “you” or “guest(s)/guest(s)” means any and all persons for whom a hotel room is booked.

The guest(s) hereby confirms that he is the owner of the registered credit card(s) left as guarantee in their reservation and authorize us to charge all the costs of rooms, additional services, consumption, food & beverage, damages, incidentals, deposits and penalties related to their reservation(s) before, during and after your stay.


Depending on the selected rate during the booking process, a deposit fee will be collected according to the conditions indicated in their policies.

By completing this booking request, you certify that you are the cardholder and authorize us to charge your credit card automatically with the amount due at that time. All non-refundable rates will be collected in full upon booking. In case of having problems to make this balance in your credit card we will contact you by email to request updated information of your payment method.

You understand that any non-refundable rates and special reservations mentioned in the hotel cancellation policy are charged in full on the date reservation is made and can’t be modified or cancelled.

A pre-authorization amount of $100 USD per night could be held on your credit card upon check in as a guarantee for any incidentals during your stay, it will be released within 24 hours after check out.


Bookings may be made online at, through online and offline travel agencies, or directly at the hotel.

All prices are quoted in US dollars and do include 18% hospitality taxes.

The hotel accepts payment from Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards. Payment by check is not accepted.

Once your booking has been successfully completed, a booking confirmation will be issued with reference to each room booked and sent to the email address provided in your booking reservation. You must produce your booking confirmation(s) upon check-in at the hotel, together with your original valid photo identification document (national registration identity card, passport and other identification card or document as the hotel may require).

If you do not receive your booking confirmation(s) within twenty-four (24) hours from the time of booking, please contact us via the hotel website, by phone or by email. The ‘guest’ named in the booking confirmation must be the person staying at the hotel otherwise we reserve the right to cancel the booking.

At all times during the booking process, you will be advised to ensure the accuracy of your booking details (guest details, stay dates, room types, room rates, number of guest(s), add-ons). The hotel will not be responsible or liable for errors in booking details. Bookings are accepted subject to room availability.

The only valid booking sources are the links provided in our active website and our official OTA profiles (please verify first with us at Any other booking source is invalid and the hotel will keep the right to refuse any reservation coming from these sites.  Also the hotel will not be responsible for any damage caused by a booking created in these unauthorized sources.


Do not allow for changes or cancellations at any time. The total cost for all room nights including taxes (18% VAT) will be charged directly after your reservation is made.


Room rates shown on the hotel website are charged on a per room per night basis. Meals and add-ons are not included. Room rates includes 18% VAT.  All stated prices are in USD dollars.


We strictly enforce a no-smoking policy throughout all designated hotel guest rooms.

A $200 USD deep cleaning fee will apply to any guest for smoking in rooms. Additionally, failure to comply with this policy entitles us to terminate your booking and stay at the hotel at our sole discretion, and you must leave the hotel immediately without compensation or reimbursement.

You shall be liable for any costs, loss or damage incurred by hotel, including without limitation any loss or damage to the hotel room, premises or property or incurred by hotel guests or third party, arising from your failure to comply with this policy. The hotel also reserves the right to charge you for any such costs, loss or damage incurred by hotel or any hotel guests or third party.

You may not bring the following into our hotel:

Pillows, bed sheets, duvets or other items of bedding.

Any electrical appliances and/or equipment for heating and/or cooking purposes.

Candles, incense, oils burners and other things that requires open flame and may cause fire.

The hotel reserves the right to remove and/or confiscate any of the above items found in any hotel room immediately without notice to you and to charge you for any costs incurred for taking such action or for any loss or damage caused to the hotel room, premises or property or to any hotel guests or third party as a result of your failure to comply with this policy.

The hotel further reserves the right to ask you to leave the hotel and remove your belongings from the room immediately if we shall, in our sole opinion, deem that you have used the hotel room in an irresponsible manner or in a manner that will compromise the safety of, or cause damage and/or harm to the hotel room, the hotel premises, the other hotel guests, our staff or any other persons or the reputation of hotel, without any compensation and/or any reimbursement to you.


Due to our small size and intimate atmosphere, we only allow children aged 12 and older in the hotel.


We love pets almost as much as we love kids, but unfortunately, pets have to stay at home during your visit to Azul Colonial.


Our hotel operates a strict check-in and check-out policy. Minimum age for check-in: Guests must be 18 years or older with a valid photo id to check-in.

I.D requirement: the hotel will accept ID card at the time of check-in (only for Peruvians)  or passport , with a corresponding credit card.


Booked rooms will be held for check-in until 6:00 am the following day of the scheduled check-in date, after which the booking will be deemed cancelled upon no-show and hotel shall be entitled to release the booked room(s) for the remaining stay dates to other guests. No refunds will be provided for the cancelled booking.

A pre-authorization amount of $100 USD per night might be held on your credit card upon check in as a guarantee for any incidentals during your stay, it will be released within 24 hours after check out.

Early check-in

We invite guests to check in at 2:00 pm—early arrivals are granted upon request, subject to availability. Luggage storage is available.


Check out is at 10:30 am, the hotel reserves the right, without further notice to you, to charge you an additional one (1) night’s stay at the then prevailing room rate or remove your belongings into the luggage storage facility and deny you further access into the room.

The hotel shall not be liable for any loss or damage to your belongings as a result of the action(s) taken.

Late check out

Late checkout can be arranged upon request, based on availability. Please contact us to request a late checkout


The change of guest name on your booking is allowed if made three (3) full days before check-in date.

No changes to stay dates, room category or duration of stay may be made but you are entitled to cancel the booking and make a new booking with the hotel, subject to availability and to the terms of cancellation below.


Cancellation policy

We are a small, privately-owned hotel and have a strict cancellation policy due to this:

Depending to the selected rate during the booking process, a penalty fee will apply according to the conditions indicated in their policies.

The above conditions do not apply to non-refundable rates. Refunds do not apply for bookings and prepaid packages that are non-refundable and for which the full amount is billed at the time of booking.

All cancellations must be done via email to We do not accept cancellation requests by phone.

In case of early departure or no show, the total amount of your stay will be charged and there will be no refund or credit offered.

In case you make any changes to your reservation after the cancellation period or shorten your stay, we will charge the number of nights originally booked.

Please consider the following:

We do not accept changes or cancellation requests by phone, SMS, WhatsApp or any other method that is not via email to

In case of early departure, the total amount of your stay will be charged and there will be no refund or credit offered.

In case you make any changes to your reservation after the cancellation period or shorten your stay, we will charge the number of nights originally booked.

If you book at a certain rate and during the time span between your reservation date and your arrival date the price changes, both parties will respect the rate of the original reservation.

We are not responsible or liable for changes or cancellations made that relate to or arise as a result of fire, epidemics or health risks, technical problems with transport as well as flight delays due to weather or for mechanical reasons, closed or congested airports or ports or any unforeseeable or unavoidable events beyond hotel control. We highly recommend to purchase a travel insurance for any inconvenience or emergency that could prevent visiting us as planned.

If you booked on a website other than the hotel’s and need to make a change to your reservation please go through the booking agent/website that you made the initial reservation with to request changes.

A credit card fee of 10% will be retained from any refund. For refunds through bank transfers will be 5% of credit card merchant fee + $50 USD as bank charges.


You are liable for any damage howsoever caused to the allocated room(s) or to the hotel premises or property caused by you or any persons in your party (whether or not staying at the hotel) during your stay.

The hotel reserves the right to retain your credit card and/or debit card details and charge or debit such amounts as it shall in its sole discretion deem fit on the said card(s) to compensate or make good the loss, damage, costs or expenses incurred or suffered by hotel as a result of the aforesaid.

Regardless, hotel further reserves the right to commence legal proceedings against you without notice.


The hotel reserves the right to refuse accommodation to you or any person(s) without any notice and terminate any booking without being liable for any refund or compensation for the following reasons:

The booking has been paid through fraudulent means

The booking has been altered by anyone other than hotel authorized agent or has been tampered with, or the booking confirmation has been defaced (in which case hotel reserves the right to retain such booking documentation)

The person checking in is not or cannot prove that he/she is the person named in the booking confirmation


The hotel is responsible for providing the room(s) and add-ons stated in the booking confirmation(s) and according to these terms and conditions. We do not accept any liability for failure to provide the services contracted or any of them due to circumstances beyond our control.

To the extent permitted by law, the hotel does not accept any liability arising out of any occurrences beyond its control including but not limited to: acts of terrorism, natural disasters, flood, war, strikes, riot, theft, delay, cancellation, civil disaster, government regulations or changes in itinerary or schedule (collectively, “force majeure”).

Without affecting any statutory consumer rights or other laws that cannot be lawfully excluded or limited, hotel will not be liable for loss of any kind whatsoever arising out of, caused by, attributable to or resulting from your booking, use of the hotel website or stay at the relevant hotel even if caused or contributed to by hotel’s negligence, wrongful act/omission or breach of these terms and conditions or breach of duty or otherwise.

All activities have inherent risks to health and safety, and the hotel will not be responsible for any eventualities related to any activities or services booked through the hotel website or during your stay at a hotel.

The hotel will not be responsible for any loss or damage of property left in guest’s room and/or the hotel property at all times. Guests are advised to obtain insurance to cover curtailment, and loss of luggage, personal effects, damages, personal injury and money/valuable belongings.


The hotel will retain all personal information you provide during booking. By making a booking with us or using the hotel website, you consent to our use and/or disclosure of your personal details to our franchisees, branches, related corporations, associates, subsidiaries, affiliates, assignees, proposed assignees, agents, commercial partners, service providers and/or any other parties engaged by us to enable or assist us in the provision of services or to exercise or enforce our rights hereunder and/or any other party as hotel may, in our sole and absolute discretion, deem necessary for the following purposes:

To process your booking and for other administrative purposes

To provide you customer support and services

We may also be legally obliged to disclose, and you irrevocably consent to our disclosing, your personal information to government and enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies and public authorities or as may be required by law. This may involve sending your personal information between different countries.

We will use our best endeavours to use your personal information in the manner stated herein and will not otherwise disclose your personal information without your prior written consent.


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You are solely responsible for your use thereof.

While we will make every effort to ensure that the information on the hotel website is accurate and published in good faith. Without affecting any statutory consumer rights that cannot be lawfully excluded or limited, the hotel does not warrant or represent the accuracy of the information displayed and disclaims to the maximum extent permitted by law all warranties expressed or implied by statute, custom or usage.

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The hotel website or the use thereof or any services purchased from the hotel website, or any errors, inaccuracies or omissions in the services or content provided howsoever caused.

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All other matters concerning or relating to the hotel website shall be governed by the laws of Mexico and the Mexican courts shall have jurisdiction therein.


The hotel reserves the right to cancel, amend or vary the arrangements and content featured on the hotel website and/or change, amend, vary or add to these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. You will be notified of any changes to these terms and conditions as made available on the hotel website. The terms and conditions hereby outlined may be subject to change.

Conflict between English text and other language text:

If there is any conflict or discrepancy between the English text of these terms and conditions and any translation thereof into any other language, the English text shall prevail.


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